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Our latest edition for the no nonsense look. Large executive lenses and stylish frames set EYES PC Cloud Frames apart from the others by enhancing the quality and comfort of use. Clear Blue Lens technology is the highest optical quality Blue Light protection for your eyes. Available in 0, +1, +2 (plano and power), reading lenses. 

Stylish frames that have been designed for all occasions. You will notice the difference that sets EYES PC Cloud Frames apart from the others by enhancing the quality and comfort of use. Clear Blue Lens technology is the highest optical quality Blue Light protection for your eyes. Available in 0, +1, +2 (plano and power), reading lenses.  

Adjustable frames allow you to bend the length around your ear. Comfort is enhanced with the ability to form the temples to fit your head properly. EYES PC Cloud Frames enhance the quality and comfort of use. Clear Blue Lens technology is the highest optical quality Blue Light protection for your eyes. Available in 0, +1, +2 (plano and power), reading lenses.

Ideal solution for use with prescription eye glasses. Clear Blue Lens technology is the highest optical quality Blue Light protection for your eyes. Fits over your prescription glasses with flip up for convenience.

PC Reading Glasses - Healthy Eyes for Working People

Blocking 100% UV Light + Reducing Hazardous Blue Light by 53%


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What Is Blue Light?

Eye Graphic of Blue Light Hazard

Wave lengths of Blue Light are between 380nm thru 500 nm in the range of visible lights (from 400nm to 780nm). Blue Light has strong energy with very short waves, very close to the wave length of UV-A light. Blue Light is widely used as the light source to produce crisp images in the LED light sourced products such as PCs, Cell Phones, Tablets, Game Machines and TVs.

LED Screen icons

The vitreous body and the crystalline lenses in the eye absorb UV lights with Blue Light reaching the retina with strong energy. The impact of Blue Light is believed to be one of the main reasons that causes eye fatigue and may even cause age-related macular degeneration, according to experts. A prolonged exposure of the eye to Blue Light is believed to cause health hazard that is now called Blue Light Hazard, as many media report.

How much Blue Light is Reduced with Clear Blue Lens?

Visible Light Transmittance and Reduction of Blue Light Graph

Eyes PC Clear Blue Lens™ is engineered to remove 53% of the hazardous Blue Light, from 380nm thru 500nm, while letting the maximum transmittance for all the colors you see. This means you get all of the high definition quality from viewing your LED screen without the hazardous Blue Light. Most humans see visible light is in the spectrum range from 380nm thru 780nm.

The shorter the wavelength, the stronger energy a light wave has, and this may cause eye fatigue. Blue light, which is next to ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic spectrum, has a shorter wavelength than other visible light. It also tends to be diffused and is believed to cause flickering in the vision.

*Spectrophotometer Data meet ANSI Z80.3 test standards accepted by the FDA.
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Bad Light Reduced, Good Light Enhanced!

Bad Blue Light Reduced, Good Light Enhanced

While reducing the dangerous Blue Light, other light is more enhanced with Eyes PC™. You will notice that all colors appear clear when Blue Light scatter has been removed from your viewing. Eyes PC™ lenses meet FDA accepted ANSI Z80.3 UV blocking requirements that may come from natural or other sources. We use the very best materials and technology to give you high transparency to the full spectrum of colors while hazardous Blue Light is Reduced. Eyes PC™ Clear Blue Lens™ for your healthy enjoyment viewing LED screens.

Daily viewing of the PC at work, also widespread use of smartphones, tablet devices and computers, increases the time we face a screen, more and more people suffer from eyestrain symptoms. Extraordinary efforts have been made to give your eyes a healthier, more relaxed, viewing experience with Eyes PC.


What is the Blue Light Technology of Eyes PC™?

Lens Coatings to Protect Eyes and Glasses

There are several layers of coatings that are applied to the Eyes PC Clear Blue Lens™ . These coatings are Blue Light Reduction, UV Light Blocking, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Fog, Anti-Screen Flicker, Anti-Glare, and Anti-Scratch / Hard Coating. The latest technology is used to apply these coating to the lens for high quality results. Eyes PC for viewing PC and LED screens will offer your eyes the best protection.

Our advanced lens coating technology and polycarbonate materials is what controls the look and properties of the Eyes PC Clear Blue Lens™ while maintaining their basic function for viewing pictures or text. You will notice distortion free viewing when using Eyes PC with Clear Blue Lens™ technology. You will notice an enhanced clarity with better contrast when viewing LED monitors on your PC, TV and personal devices. When hazardous Blue Light is reduced your eyes may be healthier for a longer time in your life.


TR90 Cloud Frames™: Light Weight, Durable, Flexible

TR90 Cloud Frames


TR90’s durability is a by-product of its flexibility. A highly flexible frame is less likely to break under stress or impact than a more rigid frame. Many professionals often refer to TR90 as titanium plastic due to the material strength. As with any piece of high-quality equipment, weight is an important factor. TR90 is incredibly lightweight, which contributes to the comfort of our eyewear and the tendency to forget you’re wearing Eyes PC™ eyewear.

Eyes PC Clear Blue Lens™ are made of high quality durable polycarbonate material. Eyes PC™ use the very best materials so that you actually feel the difference with our TR90 Cloud Frames™ made from high impact, light weight, space age materials. You may forget that you are wearing our Eyes PC eyewear.

Experience the difference of EYES PC® Clear Blue Lens™ for healthy enjoyment viewing of LED screens.